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By Doug Wead

Linda McCarthy died at 11:00 PM, Wednesday, March 10, 2010.  Her long battle over.

The passing of Linda McCarthy marks a unique moment in the world of business.  As a networker, Linda and her man Mike, who survives her, were renowned for their generosity.  Their popular website, McCarthy Central, drew views far and wide from around the world.  It was an attraction because it gave information and priceless technique and did so freely.  The information was far more valuable than the tricks and gimmicks others sold at a premium.

Mike and Linda were always straight shooters.  If others pushed the envelope with “gray” programs that found temporary success, Mike and Linda always did it the right way.  And it paid.  They were examples of building a network marketing business to the top, without compromising principle or cheating their trusting prospects who would have followed them anywhere.

In many respects, the integrity and commitment to people, manifest by the McCarthy’s, transcended the corporation with which they were working.  Networking companies are notorious for winking at “gray” policies that make them money.  And when finally forced back, will return to the honest, steady work of distributors who follow the rules and provide the dependable bulwark of income.  The result?  The “good guys” often work harder for less.  But the McCarthy’s proved that being good pays money.  They were not only generous and refused to cut the corners or defraud their own prospects, or raid people who weren’t their own, they made money, as much as any of their more flamboyant colleagues.

One more thing.  While offering their wisdom to the world.  The McCarthy’s loved their own lines of sponsorship and promoted them freely.  Their website is more about their people than it is about themselves.

It was a high wire act.  On the one hand they maintained the best of reputations with the company, their downline, their colleagues and on the other they made money.

It is hard to believe that Linda is gone.  But her reputation will live on.  Popular author, Zig Ziglar, who is failing in health, recently told a friend of mine.  When you die, all you really leave behind is your name.  Linda McCarthy leaves us a treasure.  We will feel her with us as we carry on.  And more than once we will ask ourselves, “What would Linda do?”


Getting started in your networking business

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Notes to our new team partner in Norway, Sandra Hansen.

From: Doug and Myriam Wead

Hi Sandra, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.  We went skiing.  How about you?

Sorry, for getting behind.  But keep in mind that YOU are the key to your success.  Not us.  Still, here are some helpful steps you will want to share with anyone you have sponsored.  Let’s go through them one by one.


1 Make a list.

First make a list of friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues and people you meet day to day.  If you followed through and got the book First Things First at the then you have a long, long list of ideas to help you.

This is a very obvious step in building a network but many people will not do it.  They have a block.  I think it comes from fear.  They are afraid of rejection and if they put these names down on paper they are moving closer to talking to them about their business opportunity and experiencing rejection.

Actually, their fear is close to the target because there is great power in making a list.  When you put that name on paper your subconscious begins the work of recruiting them, imagining what to say or not say and what barriers are in the way.  So, in a way, you have begun the process as soon as you write down their name.

Now, don’t argue. LOL.  It won’t hurt you to dream a little bit.  Get started and make your list.

2) Refine the list

Not all names fit the same categories.  This is especially true in a business that has powerful products that produces emotional and compelling stories.

I want you to divide your list into two categories.  You will say the same things to each category but you will “lead” or begin differently.

Product people.  There are friends you know who have health issues.  Put them on a separate list.  They have arthritis or headaches or some other issue relating to inflammation.  They will be easy to talk to.

And the second list is for business builders.  These are people who can make a lot of money in networking.  You will approach them differently.

The lists are not mutually exclusive.  Some product people will eventually become business builders and some business builders will fall in love with the health benefits of the products and yet never build the business.

3) Rehearse

A great football coach once said, “It is not the will to win that makes a difference.  It is the will to prepare to win that brings success.”

This is very, very true with networking.  Get alone with your list and imagine conversations.  Keep doing it.   Unless there is some pressing reason to hurry don’t rush the process.  Consider what they will say and how you will respond.  Do this over and over again.

This is the hardest work you will ever do in networking.  Don’t put it off, get it done.  There is a right way to say something.  And if you think, and think, and think, you will come up with the right words and the right attitude and once you have done it one time, you can use those words over and over and over.  The hard work is done.  And by the way.  You will lose fear of rejection because you will have come up with amusing and happy ways to handle anything that they say.

4) Be honest and comfortable

Make sure what you plan to say is true.  There is no reason to deceive someone to get into your network.  In most companies, good companies, you don’t really make any money recruiting them.  You only make money when they start to succeed.  So it is counterproductive to misrepresent something and then later tell them to trust you.

And then, make sure that what you say and how you say it is comfortable.  If you like the feel of a pair of shoes you will wear them.  If you don’t, not matter how nice they look you have a hard time putting them on.  Work on ways to show the products and the opportunity that fit your personality and don’t violate who you are and what you believe.

Даг Вид


Commit to Success

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This is a series of letters to Sandra Hansen, my new distributor in Norway.  And it will be part of my ongoing series on successful network marketing.  I will call this lesson,  Network Marketing 101

Okay Sandra:

You asked me to help you build your networking business.  Well, I am going to take it step by step and in the process write a workbook for others, for future networkers, who may want to follow our path.  So forgive me if I am stating the obvious or repeating things you already know.  This exercise will help a lot of people in the long run and it will help me as I re-think the lessons I have learned from so many others who have worked their way through the maze to success in networking.

1.)  Commit to success.

There is no reason for me to invest large amounts of time if you are only interested in making a few thousand dollars a month.  You can do that on your own two feet and by just moving the product to people who need it.  If we are going to work together it will be to build you all the way to a good, livable, monthly income and then we will stop and decide from there.

Don’t be afraid of this.  Ironically, it takes just as much work to build this business sloppy and create a small income as it does to do it right and get a good income.  But it is a different kind of work.  A more disciplined work.  You will be teaching your kids how to clean up their rooms instead of picking up everything yourself.  And that is always more frustrating.   So, at first, it will seem to slow you down.  But in the long run, you will be making more money for less work.

2.)  Learn, learn, learn.

Some networking leaders will want you to be an obedient soldier, with blinders on, focusing only on them and what they teach you.  They will be recruiting you into their “cult.” Ha.  They will try to “force” your thinking and your opinions to fit their view of things.  They will want you isolated from any competing views.   Not me.  I want you to check things out on the websites and the internet.  Search to your heart’s delight.   Many of your prospects will be doing the same thing.  You want to be there first and have answers for them.

3.) Buy the book Dream Big: 99 steps to network marketing success.

This book will save you time and money.  It is not a book you read through in one setting but one you constantly consult while building your group.  You will keep going back to it and different stages of growth.

4.) Talk to me about yourself.

My wife and I want to know your life story, or as much as you feel comfortable in telling us.  Let’s set up a time as soon as possible to talk by phone.  Do you have Skype?  It is a free telephone service that you can download on your computer.  If you get it we can talk on the phone free of charge.

5.) You’ll notice that I said, “My wife and I.”  Because you and I are of the opposite sex and in this day and age, when many couples both work and when there are many single working parents, it is very likely that you will be prospecting and working with members of the opposite sex.  When that happens do your best to reassure them that you are a professional and this is business.

Well, that’s it for now.  Next, I will give you one of the most important steps in network marketing.  It is a simple step that involves no risk, no rejection, no pain.  It can have an enormous impact on your odds of success in networking.  And yet, most people never take it.

But that is coming next.


When MLM’s grow

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There are two times when MLM or networking businesses explode.  When the economy is bad and when the economy is good.

When the economy is good people watch the story unfold on television and feel like they are being left behind.  Everyone else is making money but them.  They feel like they are standing still.  Networking offers a quick chance to get into the economic bloodstream.  It doesn’t take time and capital.  In one moment you are in.

When the economy is bad people watch the horror stories and worry.  Maybe I should diversify.  What if I lose my job?  Networking gives them a chance to do more than fear and worry.  They can put that energy to work.

Maybe that’s why we are experiencing a boom now.

See: When networking explodes.


Ron and Marlene Brice on Networking

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Hmmm, this interesting post from Ron and Marlene Brice.  Who famously bought a Jaquar with their monthly check and had $22,000 left over.  They are a passionate couple with lots of integrity and networking smarts that came the hard way.

Hi Team

Here is the real truth about Network Marketing from years of analyzing the industry, thanks to John Godzich. These facts are accurate across the board from company to company and are not snap shots, rather long range carefully analyzed results. No one gets to the truth better than John:

The Number Three Reason people stay in NM is when they are earning $350 a month or more. I believe [our company’s] comp plan to be second to none in this arena. As Doug Wead says after careful study, “You can make more money, faster, with less effort, and with less people than any other comp plan.”

The Number Two Reason people stay in NM is Recognition.

The Number ONE reason people stay in Network Marketing is that they are passionate about a cause. If anyone honestly looks for the real facts, in order to learn the unemotional truth, no company has a better cause factor than ours………product line, charitable giving, with success fueled by the Grand Daddy of all comp plans. While other companies certainly have good products, in a debate with one who knows the real facts, no company today can compete with our opportunity for cause factor.

Here is the kicker on #1. I just got off the phone with a competitive networker. This couple is a dynamic young couple who are earning around $8000 to $10,000 a month in their company. They believe so much in their company (the cause factor) that they are totally blinded by the truth. They have been seduced (read manipulated by their company’s  published pay percentages that don’t compare apples to apples, and well intentioned upline) into believing that their Binary Pay Plan pays out over 50% and that their pay plan has no breakage. The real facts are that their pay plan is riddled with breakage and in actuality only pays out mid 30 percent money in commissions, a far cry from their over 50% payout claims.

This is the way many manipulative founders of companies in this industry keep the true facts about their pay plans from being discovered. Brainwash eager recruits, then through their upline, company perks and recognition, control their minds, and you have them forever because of their inaccurate but compelling belief in the cause factor. I know, I spent 13 years full time with another company where my mind was controlled by masters. Sadly, it took a decade for me to see the truth, and when I saw it, I simply had to leave.

How very sad indeed. The truth is that, if you overlay our comp plan onto this couples incredible effort, charisma, and recruiting skills, they would be making 4 to 5 times the monthly pay checks with our comp plan (#3 reason), boy, would this get them recognition (#2 reason) and they would have much more devoted followers (#1 reason, the cause factor) if they had our unique mix of honesty, compassion for telling the truth, and our product lines which are incomparable anywhere in the industry.


Our best to you,

Ron and Marlene


Ali Shermacher: The man with the golden smile

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Ali Shermacher

Ali Shermacher

 Most of us who knew Ali Shermacher have not been able to get much sleep this week.  Just a few hours and then wake up with a start.  Is he really gone?  Will I never hear his laugh or see him flip back that full head of hair?

 Ali was in an elite category, a man with a super charged personality.  As a networker, he could sponsor people who didn’t understand his German or Dutch or broken English.  He sponsored people on the subway in Budapest or in Hotel lobbies in Bucharest because they could feel his excitement and they were all charmed by his love of life and his genuine appreciation – no, his pure joy – at being with people.

 Ali was once a room service waiter at a Movenpick Hotel.  He charmed the man in the presidential suite, told him why his hotels were losing money, and for a few years ended up directing the chain, a dark blue suit at the top. What a story, what a guy.

He started a website for fun with a friend and it soon became the biggest site in Holland.  He sold it to the Dutch version of Google.

 Oh, how I wanted to write his book.  Maybe I still will.

 He lived life to its fullest.  We once shared a trip to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.  Hey, we met all over the world on business.  But most of his life was tucked away in a little village in the Alps with Trixi, with moments that were  only theirs. 

 When he called earlier in the year to say that he was dying of lung cancer I suddenly remembered that, yeah, that’s right, he smokes.  Even that was so forgivable in one so kind and personable to others.  And he was such a handsome guy that the smell of smoke was never a negative. And I promised to pray for him every day.

 Ali made you feel like you were important.  He could listen.  He would laugh at your humor and ponder over a good line.  He was present.  By that I mean he was in the room, not dreaming or planning of something else, preoccupied like most of us.  He was with you.  Only, not now, he is not with us now.  Now, he is gone and it hurts.  And it is hard to sleep.


A льберт Ширмахер : человек с солнечной улыбкой

Даг Вид,  12 августа



Большинство из нас, кто знал Али Шумахера, не могли спать на этой неделе. Спишь несколько часов, а потом просыпаешься, как от удара. Неужели его больше нет? Неужели я никогда больше не услышу его смех, не увижу как он вскидывает голову с густыми волосами?

  Али был особеным человеком, необыкновенной личностью. Будучи сетевиком, он умел спонсировать людей, не понимавших его немецкий, голландский и ломаный английский. Он спонсировал в метро Будапешта и в холлах гостиниц Бухареста, потому что люди чувствовали его воодушевление, он покорял их своей любовью к жизни и истинным удовольствием, радостью от того, что он с ними.

  Когда-то Али был официантом по обслуживанию постояльцев в номерах в гостинице Мовенпик. Он очаровал человека, который остановился в президентском номере, объяснил ему, почему его гостиницы терпят убытки и на несколько лет стал управляющим сети отелей, человеком в синем костюме на самом верху служебной лестницы. Какая история, какая личность!                                                                              

Для собственного удовольствия вместе с другом он создал вебсайт, который вскоре стал самым большим в Голландии. Он продал его голландской версии Google .                                     

О, как я хотел написать о нем книгу, Может быть, еще напишу.

Он жил на полную катушку. Однажды мы вместе ездили в Куала Лумпур и Джакарту. По бизнесу мы встречались в разных городах мира. Но большую часть своей жизни он проводил в маленькой деревушке в Альпах вместе с Трикси, и эта жизнь принадлежала только им одним.

 Когда в начале этого года он позвонил, чтобы сказать, что умирает от рака легких, я вдруг вспомнил, да, он же курит. Но даже это было так легко простить такому доброму и отзывчивому человеку. Он был таким красивым мужчиной, что дым сигарет не вызывал осуждения. И я пообещал каждый день за него молиться.                                                     

Али умел дать вам почувствовать, что вы важны для него. Он умел слушать. Он смеялся над вашими шутками и думал над тем, что вы говорили. Он был с вами. Под этим я имею ввиду, что он был здесь, не мечтал или думал о чем-то своем, занятый собой, как многие из нас. Он был с нами. А теперь его нет. Он ушел, и от этого больно. И невозможно спать по ночам.


Ali Schermacher: Az arany mosolyú férfi

 A többségünk azok közül akik ismerték Ali Schermachert nem sokat aludtunk ezen a héten. Csak néhány óra alvás után felébredve újra kezdhetjük. Tényleg elment? Soha többé nem hallhatom a nevetését és nem láthatom ahogy hátraveti a haját?

 Ali egy elit kategóriába tartozott, egy ember “szuperfeltöltött” személyiséggel. Mint hálózatépítő olyan embereket tudott szponzorálni akik nem is értették a német, flamand vagy tört angolját. Szponzorált embereket Budapesten a metrón, vagy Bukarestben a Hotel lobbijában, mert érezték a lelkesedését, és elbűvölte őket az életszeretete és őszinte tisztelete – nem, igazi öröme – az iránt, hogy emberek között legyen.

 Ali valamikor szobapincér volt egy Mövenpick Hotelben. Elbűvölte az elnöki lakosztályban tartózkodó urat, elmondta neki, hogy miért veszít pénzt a hotelja, és néhány évre rá már az egész hotel láncolatot ő irányította, sötétkék öltönyben fenn a csúcsról. Micsoda történet, micsoda srác.

 Szórakozásból elindított egy weboldalt a barátaival, ami hamarosan a legnagyobb oldallá nőtte ki magát Hollandiában. Aztán eladta a részét a Google-hoz hasonló holland vállalatnak.

 Ó, de szerettem volna megírni a könyvét. Talán még meg is fogom írni.

 Tejlesen élte az életet. Egyszer együtt utaztunk Kuala Lumpurba és Jakartába. Micsoda, a világ minden pontján öszzefutottunk az üzleti utak során. De az életének nagyobbik részét egy eldugott kis alpesi városban Trixivel töltötte, olyan pillanatokat, amelyek csak az övék voltak.

Amikor az év elején felhívott és elmondta, hogy tüdőrákban szenved, hirtelen arra gondoltam, hogy hát persze, hiszen dohányzik. De ez is megbocsátható annak, aki ilyen kedves tud lenni másokhoz. És olyan jóképű fickó volt, hogy a cigaretta füstje sosem jelentett negatívumot. És én megígértem, hogy minden nap imádkozom érte.

 Ali azt éreztette veled, hogy fontos vagy. Tudott hallgatni. Nevetett a vicceken és eltöprengett a poénokon. Jelen volt. Ez alatt azt értem, hogy ott volt a szobában, nem álmodozott, tervezgetett valamit ami lekötötte volna, mint a többségünket. Veled volt. Csak most már nincs velünk többé. Elment és ez fáj. És nehéz elaludni.

Даг Вид