Getting started in your networking business

by on January 12, 2010
in Network Marketing

Notes to our new team partner in Norway, Sandra Hansen.

From: Doug and Myriam Wead

Hi Sandra, I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year.  We went skiing.  How about you?

Sorry, for getting behind.  But keep in mind that YOU are the key to your success.  Not us.  Still, here are some helpful steps you will want to share with anyone you have sponsored.  Let’s go through them one by one.


1 Make a list.

First make a list of friends, acquaintances, neighbors, colleagues and people you meet day to day.  If you followed through and got the book First Things First at the then you have a long, long list of ideas to help you.

This is a very obvious step in building a network but many people will not do it.  They have a block.  I think it comes from fear.  They are afraid of rejection and if they put these names down on paper they are moving closer to talking to them about their business opportunity and experiencing rejection.

Actually, their fear is close to the target because there is great power in making a list.  When you put that name on paper your subconscious begins the work of recruiting them, imagining what to say or not say and what barriers are in the way.  So, in a way, you have begun the process as soon as you write down their name.

Now, don’t argue. LOL.  It won’t hurt you to dream a little bit.  Get started and make your list.

2) Refine the list

Not all names fit the same categories.  This is especially true in a business that has powerful products that produces emotional and compelling stories.

I want you to divide your list into two categories.  You will say the same things to each category but you will “lead” or begin differently.

Product people.  There are friends you know who have health issues.  Put them on a separate list.  They have arthritis or headaches or some other issue relating to inflammation.  They will be easy to talk to.

And the second list is for business builders.  These are people who can make a lot of money in networking.  You will approach them differently.

The lists are not mutually exclusive.  Some product people will eventually become business builders and some business builders will fall in love with the health benefits of the products and yet never build the business.

3) Rehearse

A great football coach once said, “It is not the will to win that makes a difference.  It is the will to prepare to win that brings success.”

This is very, very true with networking.  Get alone with your list and imagine conversations.  Keep doing it.   Unless there is some pressing reason to hurry don’t rush the process.  Consider what they will say and how you will respond.  Do this over and over again.

This is the hardest work you will ever do in networking.  Don’t put it off, get it done.  There is a right way to say something.  And if you think, and think, and think, you will come up with the right words and the right attitude and once you have done it one time, you can use those words over and over and over.  The hard work is done.  And by the way.  You will lose fear of rejection because you will have come up with amusing and happy ways to handle anything that they say.

4) Be honest and comfortable

Make sure what you plan to say is true.  There is no reason to deceive someone to get into your network.  In most companies, good companies, you don’t really make any money recruiting them.  You only make money when they start to succeed.  So it is counterproductive to misrepresent something and then later tell them to trust you.

And then, make sure that what you say and how you say it is comfortable.  If you like the feel of a pair of shoes you will wear them.  If you don’t, not matter how nice they look you have a hard time putting them on.  Work on ways to show the products and the opportunity that fit your personality and don’t violate who you are and what you believe.

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